SecurEnvoy has a wealth of authentication experience, spanning such diverse markets as Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Government and Utilities.

Highlighted below are four of our more recent video case studies. These are just a few of our success stories.

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Since deploying SecurEnvoy SecurAccess, we have been very pleased with the increased speed we have for deploying new users without having the administration overheads our legacy RSA SecurID solution gave us. As virtually all associates have a mobile device it is far more convenient to have the code sent to their mobile phone (as you tend to have this with you at all times) rather than have to carry a plastic token.


Replacing tokens with SecurEnvoy's tokenless solution couldn't have been easier. Using a cloud based service allowed ease of migration from the traditional token. This took place over one night covering over 1,250 people across 118 locations.

Northumbria Water

SecurEnvoy encompasses all of our requirements. With its tokenless two-factor authentication we can switch on users, wherever they happen to be, in seconds rather than waiting for the postal system to deliver physical tokens. Where we have areas where there's poor reception we can either tailor the SMS or send an email through. In addition, we don't have to waste our time trying to get tokens returned or having to 'write-off' their value. As our users actually prefer the SMS token it makes this a win-win situation and the whole program effortless for us to roll out.


JMFinn & Co stockbrokers required a global 24/7 multi factor authentication solution to manage their 25,000 users protecting £8bn of funds for compliance and security reasons.

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