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ProSoft, our longstanding partner and distributor, arranged for me to contact SecurEnvoy, which manufactures security software, and SecurEnvoy's regional sales representative Fabian Guter. I had specified two central criteria for the choice of a successor to our existing solution: first, the new solution must function reliably; and second, it must be simple to operate.

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Save The Children

Our existing security process used single-factor authentication, which became clearly unsuitable for our needs. We needed to find a way of creating a two-factor system without incurring excessive costs to the charity.

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The Princes Trust

SecurAccess was the best system for us as it wasn't as costly as the competition and was much easier and faster to implement. Also, unlike token-based security solutions there is no risk of employees forgetting or loosing hardware tokens. Using their mobiles, which staff always have on them, seemed like a great idea and the best process for us.

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A world without tokens


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