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Travis Perkins

Since deploying SecurEnvoy SecurAccess, we have been very pleased with the increased speed we have for deploying new users without having all the administration overheads our legacy RSA SecurID solution gave us. As well as having a positive reaction from the administration team, we have had superb reaction from our remote user base, who prefer the new solution, comments have been that is far more convenient to use their mobile phone than have to carry a plastic token..

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SecurAccess provides a brilliantly simple solution to a perennial IT problem. Hardware tokens are expensive, not user friendly and all too easy to lose and break. Mobile phones provide a much more robust solution and are very straightforward to use. Our remote workers don't have to remember extra passwords or codes and so there has been a very high level of user acceptance.

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Ringway Group

We find SecurAccess very easy to use and more so manage eg. Recently we moved are systems to a new location. On setting up a temporary website we were able to keep the system running with no downtime while the migration took place. Great product. Does it's job

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