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Cambridge City Council

The main goal was to achieve CoCo compliance, while keeping any new systems as user-friendly as possible. In this tight economic period we wanted to do this without wasting council money on unnecessary expenditure. Ultimately, we've saved money and our systems are more secure than ever, so we achieved everything we set out to do.

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Hertfordshire County Council

Once we decided to look at the market, we quite quickly realised that a Two-Factor solution that could utilise our users mobile phone as the second factor would be the best move for us as on organisation. We were keen to reduce the cost of our current Two-Factor authentication environment while maintaining high security levels. By deploying SecurEnvoy SecurAccess we were able to enhance the user experience. The fact that we were able to reduce the cost and administration overhead as well was a bonus.

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Dundee County Council

One of the big selling points of SecurEnvoy was that it integrated easily with Active Directory, it was easy to deploy, and it sent out the tokens to a mobile phone. So we didn't need any physical tokens to distribute. That was a big plus, certainly," he said."SecurEnvoy also supported multiple Active Directories -- we operate across two Active Directories here at the council.

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Lincoln City Council

We required a cost effective, secure, reliable and flexible solution providing Two-Factor authentication for remote access. We evaluated three products, including our existing supplier, during the selection process. SecurEnvoys cost effectiveness, In Case of Emergency (ICE) services and reliability came through as the primary choice.

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Peterborough City Council

Organisations have to allow for human error when it comes to IT security, tokens will inevitably get lost and broken." "We wanted to minimise the amount of information and number of devices users required to authenticate securely, which SecurAccess enabled due to the tokenless technology and authentication options it provides. As soon as the user base saw it, they understood the benefits of getting rid of tokens, and found the system very easy to use.

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Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

The borough already provides over a thousand of our employees with mobile phones, so we were able to utilise this existing investments as well as save money on the cost of purchasing physical tokens. However, it wouldn't have mattered if SecurEnvoy had of been a similar price to our previous system because we were so keen on bringing in the technology.

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Dutch Council

For us it seemed logical to replace a physical part, i.e. the smartcard, with a code supplied by email or SMS. Fundamentally it's replacing an inefficient operation with an efficient solution. I researched SecurEnvoy and found a number of comparable case studies which convinced me that it was a viable solution for us.

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Chorley Council

The system was incredible easy to roll out. SecurEnvoy had the solution installed in a matter of hours, providing our staff with a flexible way of working almost immediately. The SecurEnvoy solution means that users can take control and we confidently expect this to ease the burden on technical staff.

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