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A&S Engineering

As a partner with whom the industry shares know-how and confidential information, it’s important for us to not only uphold the required standards, but also to present ourselves as a trustworthy contact. However, we wanted to keep the complexity to a minimum: Our workers need speedy and secure access to our network and to the data it carries. SecurEnvoy has enabled to achieve these twin goals and guarantee total security to our clients

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Queensland Sugar

QSL's SecurEnvoy solutions work flawlessly helping secure our global infrastructure and communications. The service levels provided by SecurEnvoy are consistently outstanding

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Securenvoy has provided us with a simple to manage and administer solution that is secure and robust, removing the need for lengthy training requirements and expensive dedicated devices. It integrated with our remote access solution out of the box. Definitely worth the financial commitment. Account management and support teams are easily contactable and keen to help..

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I can't recommend SecurEnvoy highly enough for its simplicity, seamless integration, unbelievable customer service, keen interest in what their potential customers are doing, future developments and price position. With cost savings in the millions for a hassle free solution - it's one less thing to keep me awake at night.

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What we have saved is time. If you think about it, with a physical token, when you need to add a new user you have to program the token, you have to put it in an envelope, you have to send it to the user and if they're not in the same office or country then there's obviously implications of that. What we also found is that when the token arrived many didn't work because they'd been damaged in transit and we'd have to start all over again. Today, if we receive a call to say that someone has joined the organisation or simply wants to work from home then, having confirmed it's okay with the line manager, we provision them and they're instantly up and running.

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ERNI Consulting AG

SecurAccess is already used in the banking and financial sectors where it is known for offering value for money, ease of use and watertight security. We make sure that our customers are fully aware of how seriously we take security and have integrated SecurAccess as part of our service proposition. SecurEnvoy has helped us achieve our goals of getting new projects and in new areas particularly where information protection is critical.

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Tata Steel

We run SecurAccess from one of our own datacentres and we have our own gateway for internet access. The SecurAccess migration went very smoothly and we are really happy with the authentication solution.

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A world without tokens


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