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John Lewis

The John Lewis Partnership is currently in the process of rolling out SecurAccess to 15,000 employees: "SecurAccess has been really well received within the organisation, it has been working effectively and we have had no problems with the roll out..

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Pizza Hut

We looked at a number of alternative systems, including plastic tokens which generate a random password and cards which do a similar thing, but mobile phones came out on top. Everyone has one with them anyway, and so a system where passcodes were sent via SMS was the cheapest and most efficient way of complying with PCI DSS.

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We're a mobile phone company and it's important that we live up to our brand. We want to make mobile and remote working as easy as possible, while still maintaining the highest levels of security. But running 3,000 secure tokens was proving to be a major overhead, and wasn't user-friendly. SecurAccess has eliminated those problems. But the best thing about it is that SecurAccess and SecurICE strengthen our own messages about mobile phones, and gives a new layer of functionality to our own products, strengthening our brand values even further. We're drinking our own champagne with this deal.

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Deutsche Telekom

Due to the highly secure process and the unambiguous user identification, SecurAccess is a convinving alternative to the token-based solutions many of our customers still use. It [SecurAccess] can be integrated into existing environments at no expense and retrofits in an uncomplicated way.

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Travis Perkins

Since deploying SecurEnvoy SecurAccess, we have been very pleased with the increased speed we have for deploying new users without having all the administration overheads our legacy RSA SecurID solution gave us. As well as having a positive reaction from the administration team, we have had superb reaction from our remote user base, who prefer the new solution, comments have been that is far more convenient to use their mobile phone than have to carry a plastic token.

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A world without tokens


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