A world without hardware tokens

With almost 7 billion phones in use today it's safe to say there is one in every pocket, we believe this makes it the ideal hardware device for two factor authentication to utilise.

Hardware tokens, first seen over 30 years ago are preventing the mass uptake of two factor authentication as they are expensive to deploy and run and do not scale. End users cannot be expected to carry a hardware token for every business they logon too. For example expecting them to carry their office token, bank tokens, credit card tokens, government token and others is ridiculous, clearly reusing a single mobile phone is the answer.

As the original inventors of tokenless authentication, our goal is to continue to design innovative solutions that take advantage of the users mobile phones or other personal device as the "something you own" part of two factor authentication and resolve issues that have prevented their adoption such as SMS delays, no phone signal or synchronisation problems.

We believe in leveraging existing infrastructure such as Active Directory and designing easy to use solutions that do what they say on the tin without unnecessary complexity.

We believe the logon process should be as simple as possible while maintaining strong security.


A world without tokens


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