Tokenless Two Factor Authentication for disaster recovery and business continuity.
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Tokenless two factor authentication for disaster recovery and business continuity.

When freak weather hits, transport strikes disrupt commuters or the threat of terrorist attacks occur; the need for secure immediate access is at its greatest. Allowing office users to gain immediate remote access with a password alone, isn't strong enough.

Zero Footprint

With no software to deploy to the end user. SMS allows a rapid deployment to your user estate. Any mobile phone that can receive an SMS message is supported. This approach expands the range of users to include not only internal staff but also third-parties and even consumers.

Real Time alerting

Real Time alerts are passed to all ICE users via SMS. Communicate with employees in the case of an emergency; what the outage is and what action to take! The message alerts users that the office is now closed. In addition to the alert message further instructions of how to connect remotely are included along with a One time Passcode. The user simply follows the instructions and can then continue working.

Affordable Short Step-Up Authentication

In Case of Emergency provides clients with the ability to turn on strong, multi factor authentication for users in the event of an emergency. ICE allows companies to turn On and OFF as required. As Ice uses SMS as the method of alerting users, there is no hardware to purchase or deploy. It is simply a case of turning it ON.

Leverage existing user stores

Harness the power and scalability of Active Directory (AD) or other LDAP based servers as the core database. All replication is already performed by your existing infrastructure. Deployment is as simple as adding a user to an existing AD group. No Schema change is required as we use existing attributes such as Telex Numbers. Unlimited multiple domains can be configured.


Integrate with Leading Technology

We provide simple to follow integration guides for VPNs, cloud apps, on-premise apps and more to allow you to quickly and easily set up your security solutions.


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