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At any time end users can choose to change their token type to any type allowed by your security team. Switching to a new type or re-enrolling an existing type automatically deletes the old method from the server. Upgrading your smart phone is simply a case of authenticating with your old phone and enrolling your new one. The old phone is then safe to sell on as passcodes on them are no longer valid.

Soft Token Push With Wearables

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SMS Preload

Each authentication sends the next required one time code so there is always one available, the new code is inserted into the old message.

Ideal for users with intermittent phone signal or who experience delays receiving SMS messages.

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SMS Real Time

The one time code is sent after the user enters their pin or password as a "Flash" message that is displayed directly on the phone screen.

Ideal for users that only authenticate occasionally or that always have a signal when authenticating and don't experience SMS delays.

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Voice Call

The user first enters their pin or passcode, after which a six digit passcode is displayed. At the same time a phone call is automatically made. The user answers the phone and enters this passcode on the phones keypad.

Recommended for users that only have access to a land line or don't have a smart phone and can't receive SMS reliably.

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Soft Token for Smart Phones

User installs an app on iPhone, Android, Windows 7 or Blackberry then scans a seed via a QRCode. The one time code changes every 30 seconds.

Recommended for users with smart phones or tablets as no phone signal is required. More info...


Simple user experience, easier than a password with the added strength of 2FA

SecurEnvoy extends its phone app to provide one swipe single sign on, via a One Time QR code.

Soft Token for laptops (Microsoft / Mac)

User has an icon in the bottom right (Windows) or top menu bar (Mac). When pressed it displays a one-time code that changes every 30 seconds.

Recommended for users with desktops or laptops that only authenticate from this device or always carry their laptop with them. More info...

Email Preload

Each authentication emails the next required one time code so there is always one available. Emails are sent via TLS encryption if supported by the recipient's mail server.

Ideal for users that can access email before authentication and trust the email environment for example Blackberry users.

A world without tokens


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